Blonde escort Manuela

Tales of Taboo with Escort London Manuela: An Erotic Adventure


I am your escort London Manuela and I have a question. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to experience pure magic? I'll give you a hint: it's a lot like sipping the perfect cup of coffee on a crisp morning. Let's brew some enchantment together – care to join me?

Coffee first (I am from Brasil)? Attention, world! It's time to spill the delectable details about moi. Oh, that's just the beginning of our journey! In person, you'll witness the mystical talents I have up my sleeve (or down my dress!). 

“For those seeking an unforgettable and delightfully unconventional encounter, this London escort is the perfect match. Her passion for pleasure, her love for laughter, and her expertise in the art of spanking create an experience that's unlike any other. So why settle for the ordinary when you can embark on a whimsical adventure with a London escort who knows how to make her every spank count and every moment unforgettable? Get ready to experience pleasure, laughter, and a playful twist on intimacy like never before!”

What are your hidden desires? Don't be shy; I thrive on wild and wacky fantasies. Your secrets are safe. I am sure that there's a universe of untamed fantasies lurking within you, waiting to be explored. Whether they're as quirky as a stand-up comedy routine or as whimsical as a fantasy novel, I'm here to assure you that nothing is too far-fetched. Trust me, I've heard it all, and I'm ready to guide you through an adventure that's not only intriguing but also filled with eros. Imagine your most outlandish dreams coming to life in a way that will keep you craving more.

For me, it’s not just about the nocturnal encounters (or how about overnight??!!); it's about the magic we create within them. I've spent years honing my skills, perfecting the art of orchestrating joy and weaving threads of love into every moment. I approach each gathering with the fervour of an explorer, ready to unearth new realms of passion and pleasure.

Imagine a soirée where your fantasies are the main attraction, a celebration where your desires are brought to life in the most exquisite fashion. That's the world I invite you to step into—a realm where love reigns supreme, and happiness dances on the airwaves. My expertise is your gateway to this extraordinary journey.

My soul's desire? To share unforgettable moments with you. My discretion? Like a ninja in the night. Don't resist the temptation; dial my number and let's create some magic together!

No excuses – call me now!

Here's to a soirée that will shine brightly in our hearts.


Escort London Manuela

Manuela's Stats
Age 20
Height 1.75
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blonde
Breast Natural Tits
Bust Size 31A
Dress Size 7
Nationality Eastern European
Nearest Tube Holborn UG
Location Putney
Availability 24/7
About me

I insist on choosing services. My service decisions are non-negotiable; respect them!

Manuela's Rates (Taxi fares not included in the price)
1 hour:£ 200£ 250
1.5 Hour:£ 300£ 350
2 hours:£ 400£ 450
3 hours:£ 600£ 650
Dinner:-£ 600
Overnight:£ 1500£ 1500
Manuela's Reviews
  • One aspect that truly impressed me was Manuela’s commitment to adapting each meeting to my unique needs and passions. She listened to my desires, adjusting her teachings accordingly (what can I say, it was magic. Myles are still weak). This personalised approach made the sensual experience exceptional, as I felt her genuine care for my happiness.

    The services I received extended beyond what we discussed at the beginning. Now I have a greater appreciation for the beauty of intimacy. A recommendation for Manuela is normal. Her sensual expertise, dedication, and personalised approach distinguish her as a true escort master. My experiences with her were highly enjoyable and I am deeply grateful for the services and guidance she shared. Be ready for new depths of sensuality.

    . September 2023
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