Brunette escort Chiara

Your Dazzling Stripper Extraordinaire!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for an introduction that's as dazzling as a disco ball at a dance party!

Hi there, I'm escort London Chiara, your soon-to-be favourite stripper, and I've got more skills up my sleeve than a magician at a rabbit convention.

Let's start with the basics: I've got a name that sounds as classy as a penguin in a tuxedo—escort London Chiara. But don't let the elegance fool you; I'm all about bringing the wild side to the stage.

Picture this: a highly skilled and experienced stripper with a passion for captivating audiences and delivering performances so unforgettable they make goldfish jealous of our memory skills. That's me in a nutshell! I possess a distinctive combination of beauty, talent, and a remarkably open mind that's akin to an endless wellspring of creativity. Whether you're seeking a performance that sizzles like a hot chili pepper eating competition or something as enticing as a softly whispered secret, rest assured, I'm well-prepared.

Now, let's delve into my expertise on the dance floor. I've got a background in performance arts and dance that's as extensive as a library of disco hits. I've mastered the art of pole dancing, burlesque, and sensual choreography, making my performances smoother than a silk pyjama party.

My body is capable of doing impossible things that'll keep you entranced and on the edge of your seat. I can create an atmosphere so magical that you’ll forget about reality and be swept away by the moment. But, as exciting as it can be, be prepared for a show that will make your heart pound like no other.

Let's create some unforgettable memories together.

Reach out!!! I promise, you won't want to miss this!

Cheers to dancing like nobody's watching (except for the paying audience)!


Escort London Chiara 🌟

Chiara's Stats
Age 24
Height 1.6
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brunette
Breast Enhanced Tits
Bust Size 90
Dress Size Small
Nationality Brazilian
Nearest Tube Paddington UG
Location Paddington
Availability 24/7
About me

(all services are provided at my own discretion)

Chiara's Rates (Taxi fares not included in the price)
1 hour:£ 200£ 250
1.5 Hour:£ 300£ 350
2 hours:£ 400£ 450
3 hours:£ 600£ 650
Dinner:-£ 600
Overnight:£ 1500£ 1500
Chiara's Reviews
  • Chiara - The Pleasure Specialist

    Chiara baby, your expertise in the realm of pleasure has been nothing short of incredible. Your sessions were both exciting and fulfilling, and I've discovered a newfound appreciation for the delights of physical love. You've shown me that sensual pleasure is not only essential but can also be a transformative force in a relationship. Thanks to you, I now understand how to create unforgettable moments of intimacy.

    just 1 September 2023
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